Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lame Sauce

Last night I told Bob he could not attend something he wanted to attend. He would have been out too late on a school night.

He replies, "That's lame sauce."

"Sorry Bob, sometimes the parents have to be the lame sauce. It's our job." I said.

Bob looked at me for a minute and said.

"Yeah, you're like the maker of lame sauce, you're like a lame sauce factory!"

It's a great caption don't you think. 'Mom's of Teenagers: Lame Sauce Factories'.

This was of course all said in fun, because if he'd said it in anger he would have gotten a lot more than lame sauce from me!


Halfmoon Girl said...

That's a new saying to me- pretty funny!

Tonya said...

I must really be lame sauce because I've never heard it and don't get it! :-) Was he being creative or is this a teenager saying??

Tricia said...

this seems to be the new teenager saying around this area. I hear it all the time. It's like saying, that sucks. It started with saying that's lame then somehow morphed into lame sauce. The contrary is legit juice, you know if something is cool.

Tonya, aren't you seeing Cam over Thanksgiving? I bet you'll hear lame sauce from him...

:)It's hard to keep up!