Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to Reality: Or At Least Thinking About Getting Back To Reality

I just spent a ton of money on books and curriculum. I thought having the kids grow up and start taking classes outside of the house would be less expensive. I don't know why I thought that. I must be delusional.

Two of my kids are taking college classes. DO NOT get me started on the college textbook racket! Last year Gunnar was required to buy a brand new, just published, book for his English 1302 class. They did not crack the spine of that book all year. Not once. Then when we went to sell it back to the bookstore they said they were no longer using that book and would not buy it back. It was like flushing $80 down the toilet! Okay, sorry, I got started.

I also have my Evelyn taking most of her academic classes at the co op so she needs several books. At least they are not college books.

Not to mention my own homeschool curriculum. YIKES!

I two more weeks before school starts around here. Two more weeks.

Goodbye summer.

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Nikki said...

College textbooks are a racket! Enjoy the next two weeks!