Monday, August 15, 2011

Colorado, the End

The last place we stayed in CO was near Creede. I have been forbidden from giving out the actual location of our camping spot by Sir D. He found it by some fluke. I think someone at work told him about it. To say it’s off the beaten path would be an understatement. This is apparently proprietary information that I am not allowed to reveal, lest people start showing up in droves and destroy the solitude.

This was our first foray into “rough camping”. Now to some of you, “rough camping” might mean a tent and sleeping bags and cooking over an open fire. To me, “rough camping” means we have no electricity, and no water or sewer hook ups, and we have to use our generator. I know. I live a charmed life.

Rough camping is a bit tricky when you are used to RVing. You have to really think about what you are going to cook. You can’t really use the crock pot unless you are going to have the generator running all day. We did a fair bit of grilling and I could cook over the stove as it is propane operated.

We can really only go for 3 days “rough camping” because we run out of water in the tanks. But for those 3 days, it is glorious.

This was the road that lead us deep into the mountains to the spot where we camped. I had to get out and take a photo of this sign.

We came from Texas. In Texas if you through a cigarette out of your window, you will start a huge conflagration that could burn down an entire city, it is SO dry. So this made me laugh. It rained at least a few minutes every single day we were in CO. When I took this photo, the sky was full of rain clouds, the ground was wet and muddy, oh yeah, and it was raining! But the fire danger was ‘HIGH’. Methinks they might need to revamp their system for determining the fire threat.

We drove down this road for a while. A very long while. It was muddy in spots, it was bouncy, it was curvy and also a bit scary.

But this is what we saw…

And this was our campsite. It was so beautiful it was almost hard to take it in!

(Yes, that is Violet the Dog in a chair. She has her own camping chair. Violet the Dog also leads a charmed life.)

Seriously, this was the view form the door of the RV. What more could you ask for?

The river that ran through the area was right our our site. You could hear the rushing water all night long.

We had an amazing time at this camping spot. There was no WiFi, no 3G service, and no electricity. We played cards, we talked, we laughed. It was just wonderful. This is a place we will definitely be going back too. I could post about 20 more photos of hte beauty we saw there, but a photo just really does not do it justice.

One morning, I woke up early for some reason (VERY not like me) and went outside. I stoked up the fire (because it was gloriously COLD!) and I sat outside watching the sun coming up over the mountains, listening to the river rush through the campsite and reading my bible.


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