Friday, August 19, 2011

Finding Joy in the Small Things

I had to go get a few new keys made last week. Now that all the kids have such busy social lives, I really need for all of them to have a key to the house. No one wants to be locked out when it's 107 outside!

I went to Walmart to do this chore, and I saw this.

It was $4 instead of the .87¢ you pay for a regular key. I bought 3 regular keys and the green one for $4. I love green. Green makes me happy. I spent an extra $3.13 to have a little happy hanging on my keychain.

It makes me smile every time I have to use my keys. I think it was well worth it.


Heidi said...

Definitely worth the little splurge!

purple squirrel said...

very nifty! I didn't know that such sweetness was carried in the hardware department! I'll have to keep my eyes out! :)

Shonda said...

That is So cute!!