Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can't we just dip all the health food in chocolate?

I want chocolate.

I am eating Kiwi and some almonds for a snack and really I want chocolate and a Coke Zero. And some ice cream. I want ice cream too.

Darn stinkin' healthy food!


Tonya said...

Chocolate ice cream and a coke (regular) does sound really good right now. Why did you have to suggest it? :-)

Angela "The Sister" said...

Oh my dear Sister! Actually, good grade chocolate is ok...in moderation:0) May is a fan of chocolate...I had an appointment with our Nutritionist on Halloween and she gave me a piece of Hershey's CHOCOLATE!!!! I looked at her with bewilderment...'um, may I have chocolate Maynon during the cleanse?' She kindly replied 'yes'! I didn't eat it in front of her because I was scared I would scare the poor child as I DEVOURED that little sweet morsel of CHOCOLATE (I think I got a little in my nose). Anyway, my point is...if you ask...she may give you MORE!!!!!

Tricia said...

Oh Girl, everyone better get out of my way! I'm getting me some CHOCOLATE!!! (yes, in moderation, but like you I may devour it in a very unladylike manor!) :)

You are my favorite sister!