Monday, March 30, 2009

What is that fluffy white stuff coming out of the sky, anyway?

This Saturday Sir D, myself, Will and two of his teammates got up at the horrid hour of 5am. 5 AM! and drove 5 hours north to Tulsa. For those of you living under a rock last weekend, there was a bit of a weather event going on in Tulsa and points north thereof.

We drove north in the rain. We toured the college in the rain (cold rain). Then the boys met up with the soccer team from the university and they began their scrimmage. The point of this is for the coach to watch the recruits play. (my son is totally a recruit!) Then, because these boys are so totally amazing at soccer, he's going to offer them all 100% scholarships for the entirety of their college careers...or something.

The thing is, by the time they got around to playing the game it was no longer raining it was snowing...sideways. I believe those from up north were these types of weather events are common, refer to this as a blizzard. I am not sure how much the coach was actually able to see of the boys playing, but play they did.

Sir D and I sat in the car with the heater on watching and feeling really bad for the boys, but not bad enough to go sit on the bleachers to see them better. We felt bad, not crazy.

Once they were done, we high tailed it out of town trying to get ahead of the storm. The boys turned the heater in the back up so high Sir D and I were burning up. They finally got warm, ate copious amounts of snack foods, then promptly fell asleep. They slept most of the way back. Sir D was a bit nervous that the road might get shut down and we'd be stuck in The-Middle-of-Nowhere Oklahoma for the night.

But we finally started getting ahead of the storm and the 32 degree temperatures began to inch up and the snow turned back to rain.

By the time we got back to DFW, it was 7 pm at night and it was 55 degrees and sunny. When we left Tulsa at 3 in the afternoon it was 32 degrees and white out conditions.

I love Texas/

I will also love Oklahoma if my son is attending college there for free in case you were wondering.

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Halfmoon Girl said...

The weather has been really weird up here too this year. They say we are in for colder winters for the next 30 years. I dunno- this morning it was POURING rain at 7 am, but then brightened up into a bright sunny day with howling winds... I just roll with whatever weather we are getting. I try to control a lot of things, but gladly, weather is something that I just leave up to the Guy in Charge!