Monday, March 9, 2009

So I have this thing called a blog where sometimes I write some stuff.

Wow. Wednesday was the last time I posted. That’s so unlike me. I am usually so filled with average and mildly interesting things to tell the world. I think Ye Olde Bloggie has been quiet due to all the many, many things swimming around in my head. So much to say, so little ability to mentally organize it.

We’re getting our new RV on Thursday and I could not be more excited. I feel like a little kid before Christmas! I keep looking at the photos and thinking about what to put where. We have huge Rubbermaid bins full of stuff that came out of our last RV that we sold almost two years ago. I can hardly remember what we have in there. We get the new RV on Thursday night, pack Friday, leave Saturday. That should be fun. Or not.

I started feeling stressed yesterday because I realized that I had all these ‘don’t forget to do ____’ or ‘don’t forget to get ______’ thoughts running through my head and I was afraid I was going to lose them. So I did this really cool and novel thing. I wrote them down in this fancy list format!

Turns out I had so much floating around up there that I needed sub categories and eventually I ended up with 5 lists. I need a list of my lists. Though, it felt good to get all that stuff out of my head. I think I lost a few pounds when I was able to let all those thoughts go!

And speaking of losing a few pounds, I am nervous about seeing the Nutritionists on Thursday. I feel like I have done very well overall but this last week was harder. Twice we went out to eat at someone’s house and I ate the dinner that was served to me. You can’t very well have someone slave in the kitchen for a family of 6 then show up and say “Sorry! I can only eat lettuce!” (That is of course an exaggeration, I can have celery too). So I ate. I ate small portions, but almost none of it was on the list of okay foods.

But really, it is about making wise choices. I did the best I could but I really wanted to do this 21 day thing RIGHT and I had to cheat some. We’ll see what the numbers say on Thursday.

Now I am off to educate my kids, or pack, whichever…

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Tonya said...

I want all the details on the camper - including cost (not to be rude, but I really would like to get one, so I'm curious).

As for the food thing - being polite to your hosts is far more important than following your diet. I know you know this, but just wanted to encourage you that you did the right thing! I was a vegetarian for some years and still don't eat pork or beef - unless I am served it at someone elses house. Then I eat what I am served. The only time I would feel it's ok to refuse food is if I were allergic to it.

Plus, you took small portions. You did fine, I am sure of it. Have you lost lots of weight on this diet? I would think you'd have to - just because your food is so limited!