Sunday, March 22, 2009

We brought the smell home with us.

We’re home from Arkansas. I have so many stories to tell you I hardly know where to start. We had a blast; we saw cliffs, we hiked, we drove to the top of a mountain, pulling a 30 foot RV in fog so thick you couldn’t see 20 feet in front of you. Did I mention the winding mountain roads? We had great food, we had great fellowship, we ate a lot and slept a little. I loved it.

I don’t have time for much writing today though, because we have much cleaning to do. We’ve emptied the contents of the borrowed RV into the house and scrubbed the fire out of that thing. We vacuumed, we mopped, we fabreezed. Now it looks like the RV vomited into the house. There is a pile of stinkin’ laundry the size of a small car in my living room. Why the living room you ask. Because it is the only room big enough to separate the laundry into piles to wash it. Imagine a huge pile of sweaty, dirty, slightly damp clothing that has been mere feet from a campfire for 7 days. My house smells like KOA meets the Locker room. It ain’t pretty folks. I’m just glad it’s nice enough to day to keep the windows open. Even still, I think my house may never smell the same again.

I better get back to the cleaning, but I’ll leave you with this new discovery.

The Best S’Mores EVEAH!

Take the graham cracker and place a reeses peanut butter cup on it.

Then place that ever so gently somewhere near the fire so it will melt slightly.

Roast your marshmallow to your desired crispiness.

Now smush the marshmallow on the now soft reeses peanut butter cup.

Cover with the other graham cracker


Lawsey Mercy people! I think I undid every good thing I did to my body in the 21 day nutritional cleanse by eating a boatload of these!


Tonya said...

Glad you had fun! And, oh, shame on you for telling me about the Reese's smore's. Shame shame shame.

Melanie said...

OH. MY. GOSH. I just tried s'mores with peanut butter cups about a month ago. I usually lurk, but I had to comment and tell are soooo right about this. Why do people even make them with plain chocolate? Poor souls that don't know any better...