Friday, October 16, 2009


Heretofore, 2009 will be known as The Year of being Broke. It works on so many levels.

As you know we started this year off with a break. Several in one hand to be exact and an expensive surgery to put Humpty-Dumpty Will back together again.

Eve joined in on the fun in late August when she broke her foot. It did not heal in the walking cast after 4 weeks so she was put in a real cast for an additional 4 weeks.

Not to be outdone, yesterday Ann decided it would be big fun to jump from a tree onto the trampoline. It was not big fun and she ended up with a broken arm for her trouble.

I currently have 2 children with a broken appendage, a husband who has all but abandoned us for the month of October for inventory (a yearly torture his business provides) and a son who is also rarely home as he is either working at his job or at college. Both are home just enough to make a mess, dirty dishes, and create dirty laundry, but do not remain long enough to help with the clean up/maintenance. The only people home and not broken are Bob and I. I am thinking about wrapping Bob in bubble wrap and not allowing him to leave the house. And hiring a maid.

I thought you all might like an update on the very special brand of crazy we have here on the Hilltop.

May your week we break free.


Sheri said...

This has been our year of ER visits...LOL At least 2009 is nearly over!

Michelle said...

May 2010 be a year free of breaks for your family. We have been very fortunate in that none of my five children have, as yet, broken any bones. Nor have I. Nor my husband. God has blessed us in this!

Tonya said...

This IS crazy!

HomeGrownMommy (from Homeschool Crew) said...

I love how you add humor into all of your breaks! Hope your girls aren't in too much pain!

Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

I can only imagine how busy and tired you must be right now.

Four of our children were born with broken bones, (evidently my pelvis is not ideal for child birth) but none of them needed to have casts and since they were newborns anyway, it didn't really add to my work load.

Hope everyone heals quickly.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Wow, that's something! Ya just gotta see the humour in it, I guess- good for you!