Monday, October 12, 2009

So, what'd you do this weekend?

These pictures need no words...

...but I've got some anyway.

You know when your phone rings at 11:45 pm and the teenager is supposed to be home at midnight, that there is not good news awaiting you on the other side of the phone.

Sure enough, Will started the sentence to his dad like..."Um, Dad? I've got a little problem. You see, we finished setting up the chairs at Church for the thing tomorrow, and then we started watching the game at John's house, but it got boring so we decide to go drive around...the thing is...I sorta got stuck."

"Hummm." Says Sir D. "I'm fairly certain that your mom told you to call and let us know if you were going to be somewhere other than the church or John's house."

"Yeah. I remember that now." says Will.

"I'll be there in a few minutes." Sir D takes Bob and heads off into the night (the dark, cold, dreary, drizzly night) to rescue his wayward first born son.

About 5 teenage boys thought it would be fun to do donuts in a field (a CITY PARK field) after its done nothing but rain for about two weeks.

Not surprisingly, Will's truck got stuck. Sir D tried to pull it out with our Excursion, but while the EX has all the torque and horsepower (I have no idea what that really means) necessary to do the job, it is also very heavy and just about got stuck itself. So, Sir D did what any good dad of a teenage boy does. He told him he couldn't get it out tonight and Will would have to make some calls in the morning to see if he could figure a way out of the literal mess he'd gotten stuck in.

Sir D had to jump the other boys truck as leaving the lights on while they tried to get Will's truck out of the mud had drained the battery.

Once Sir D got my boys back in the EX and the other delinquents boys on their way home, they headed home themselves. They were completely muddy and sopping wet.

The next day, Will was able to get ahold of a friend of his who has a 4x4 with a winch to come pull him out. The cost? $20 and a case of Dr Pepper.

The city called him before they got there to get the truck and told him he they had a wrecker on the way to get the truck and it would be impounded. It would be VERY expensive to get it out. Will told the dispatch lady that he was on his way to get it out. The lady said she'd tell the wrecker to put it last on his list, but if it was still there when the wrecker got there he'd take it.

I'd say Will dodged a few bullets this weekend and learned a few things in the process.

1. donuts in a city park after its rained for 2 weeks is not a good idea.

2. always make sure someone in your party is driving a 4x4 if you choose to ignore rule #1

3. you have a cell phone, use it to tell the parental units where you are

4. your dad knows quite a bit about mudding, interestingly enough

5 an incident such as this will cause your dad and uncle's to reminisce about all the times they got cars stuck in the mud in their youth, negating any possible lesson that might have been learned by the teenager

Will did get disciplined for not being where he said he was going to be, but all in all, it wasn't so bad. When the phone rings at 11:45 at night I tend to expect the worst. This was just a little mud.


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