Saturday, October 10, 2009

John Wayne will Graduate After-all!

You will all be happy to know that John Wayne, AKA Will, has decided to graduate with the association after all.

Sir D and I went to the meeting and put our names on the list for graduation. There are about 20ish kids graduating from our association. Not all of them go to the co op. In fact, most are attending the community colleges for duel credit.

He also found out that 2 of his best friends (who are doing duel credit with him) are graduating with the association.

Sir D and I did tell him that we would not force him. We thought it would be really neat for him to do it. We told him a little about the ceremony and how it's done. It's very family oriented and each family creates a power point presentation with pictures of their child while the Dad's voice can be heard giving a message to the graduate. It's really amazing. I would have been heart broken to have him miss it.

HOWEVER, I have learned a thing or two in this last 18 years of parenting and one of those things is that it's not really all about me (I KNOW!).

I told Will that I think it would be a neat experience and I'd like him to do it, but I understand if he'd rather not and I would not force him to do it. If he'd prefer we could throw a small party or do nothing at all. The choice was up to him.

Well, after talking to his buddies who are graduating, and after having some more information about what exactly was going to happen at the ceremony (after Sir D and I went to the meeting) he decided to do it.

Whew! Crisis averted.

(And thank you all for your comments and advice! I'm telling you, the blogosphere is just chock full of wisdom!)

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The Crazy Mom said...

I'm glad JW will graduate with the class. My son graduated last year and he had much the same attidude. It was no big deal as he was dual enrolled too. Since he was already in college, he felt like he had "arrived." But *I* wanted a graduation! I worked so hard all those years! He didn't ever refuse to do the ceremony, but he didn't really think it was a big deal. In the end, I think he was glad he did it. There really is something about wearing the cap and gown and walking up the aisle to "Pomp and Circumstance." It was a lovely ceremony. I hope it is a wonderful experience for your son!