Friday, October 2, 2009

Over the Top, Much?

I thought you all might find this exchange that took place on Facebook between me and friend of mine, amusing. We were talking about the children’s picture book The Story of Ferdinand, which is one of my all time favorites, that I was planning to read to my Book Club class at the homeschooling co op my family attends.

I guess it’s a job hazard of the homeschooling mom to perhaps read a little too much into a children’s book.

I think I say this every week, but *this* is my favorite children's book! I'll be reading this one to my class tomorrow. (I included a photo of The Story of Ferdinand in my status update)

He always bothered me. okay.... trust me, I will not be talking to/influencing your kiddos tomorrow. and you can depend on me to keep my thoughts to myself should you see me in the halls. lol : >

I know some people are bothered because they see it as an encouragement for alternative lifestyles or pacifism. I guess I just see it as a book that says it's okay to be the you that God created you to be. That's what I pull out of the book when I read it with the kids. Please God, not man, and you're on the right track. :)

oh, wow. I never went that deep with it. I just thought he was boring. sweet, but boring. : >

Hahaha! Sorry ‘R’. Sometimes Sir D looks at me when I'm discussing various children's books and says, "Maybe it was just a cute story written for kids and you're reading too much into it?" Perhaps I really should dial it down a notch! :)

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Linda said...

No! I totally agree with you about Ferdinand. I learned a lesson about being a Mommy. :) I have a 'different" kid who is happy being "different". Ferdinand's mom taught me to just let her be who she is and not worry about her being so different, since she's perfectly content and doesn't really notice she's different. She doesn't care, why should I?

Then again, I have been accused of being over analytical and prone to deep thoughts. ;)