Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 09

Here are my adorable kids on Halloween. Gone are the days of puppy dogs and fairies, but they are still pretty darn cute don't ya thing?

Here's Will and Bob in their Turnout Gear. They are both doing an apprenticeship type program through the Fire Department. Bob wants to be a Fireman.

Will wants to do the Paramedic/Fireman thing, and maybe go on to get a 4 year in nursing (or the more PC name...Health Sciences)

Are they handsome or what!
(If you're wondering why practically grown men are dressing up for Halloween, they were working a booth at our Church's Trunk or Treat, I promise they weren't knocking on doors asking for candy!)

Here's my Eve. She's a nerd. She had a lot of fun putting together this outfit. Her entire small group is doing a booth at our trunk or treat this year and they are all dressing up as nerds. One of the leaders (the college age one) took the girls out to a thrift shop to help them pick out their nerdy attire. She had almost as much fun shopping for this outfit as she did at the trunk or treat, I bet.

Here's Ann. She's a farm girl.

She's my last little one to dress up just because she's a kid and she wants too. She and her neighbor friend dressed up together. See their little freckles! How adorable they looked. These two look so much alike they could be sisters.

Happy Halloween!

BTW, if you are reading this and you have photos up on your blog of your kids dressed up for Halloween, leave ma a comment. I LOVE little kids in costumes!


Donna said...

cute they all look!

Devildogwife said...

They all look great. My daughter loves to get dressed up. We had a nice fall festival at church this year. She loved all of the games.

Tonya said...

They are super cute!! Come check us out. :)

The Source said...

Sorry, no Halloween photos! Looks like your kids had fun though!

I found your blog and wanted to say "hi!" I'm a mom of four and this is our first year homeschooling. I have a 19 yr old son who's into the fireman thing, too. He's been a volunteer fire/first responder for a couple of years, is in his 2nd year of college and just got hired as a cadet at our local public safety. So, now he'll be getting paid for running into things that are on fire. Ugh!

Just wanted to tell you I've enjoyed looking around on your blog.

dea said...

They are super cute!!