Saturday, March 31, 2007

Borscht and Bread

Yesterday we had Borscht and Bread for lunch. We were studying Russia. We were reading Chapter 29 (I think) in Story of the World by Susan Wise Bower. It gave us a little Russian history info. I really enjoyed it. After we were done reading this, we ate lunch. I have to say that I liked it and so did 3 out of 4 of my kiddos!

I never liked beets as a kid. In fact I don't think hate is too strong a word for my feelings for beets as a child. But this recipe called for beets, so I bought fresh beets and cooked them, and cut them up in the soup. I was forced to eat one that had accidentally gotten in my bowl. After all I was making my kids eat it, I couldn't very well say "oh, mommy does not like beets" could I? So...I ate it. Wow, here is a shocker. FRESH beets are good. I never knew. I always had canned beets. But fresh beets are quite good it turns out.

So, even Mommy learned something yesterday. Okay, more that one thing...did you know that Ivan the Terrible killed his grandson, and that was the end of that Czar's dynasty??? The things I learn homeschooling.

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