Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's Shoe Time...

Okay, today's the day. Really, I'm going to do it. The shoes and I are going to have a show down, and I'm going to win!

It simply must be done, they are vomiting out of their box and onto the closet floor...the closet I share with dh. Perhaps share is not quite accurate. Really, I magnaminously allow him one shelf and a small section to hang his few clothes. He does not even need a box for his shoes. He only has 3 pair! How on earth does anyone get by on 3 pair of shoes I ask you?...but, i digress.

So after school was finished yesterday, I went into the girls room UGH, clothes everywhere. I can hardly blame them for the clothes oozing out of their drawers and closet. They have SO many clothes. Again, where did it all come from? Does it multiply at night? Honestly, I know where it comes from. People give us a lot of girls clothes, I like to buy them clothes, They outgrow clothes so I buy them more. There is one crucial step in the process that is gumming up the works. The getting rid of outgrown clothes step. Why am I emotionally attached to dresses? Really, I think I am certifiable.

So last night I did it. I went through ALL their clothes. I saved maybe half of their winter stuff for next year. I got rid of stuff that they don't like but I do. This is progress for me. In years past I'd save it hoping...and it'd sit in there closet taking up space. Well no more...I have decided to much stuff is BONDAGE! I am turning over a new leaf. NO MORE UNNESSARY STUFF!

You should see the stuff I got rid of. I did not take pictures because my ego won't let me. Really, it was bad. But no more. All their winter clothes are stored away in Rubbermaid containers, and all their summer stuff is either hung up or in their drawers. If I could not fit it in their drawers, we got rid of something else.

WHEW! Okay, really, now on to the shoes. Must do the shoes and girls shoes. Interestingly, I don't have to go thorough the boys shoes, or clothes for that matter. Hummmm?


Amydeanne said...

oh I can relate to this post. As we're preparing to move, my decisions to toss or give away rather than garage sale it makes a big impact... I don't want the hassle, I just want it out.
Happy Wednesday!
(I came for the IOW, but posted on this! )

Cyndi said...

Oh my. I am SO right there with you! At our house the flip flops have been multiplying. And I LOVED the description of the closet floor, the shoes "vomiting out" of their boxes! LOL!! I can get a great visual of that because that's what my side of our closet looks like at this moment. So of course I'm online... ;)