Monday, March 19, 2007


Well, we made it back. We have spent 10 days and 9 nights living out of a camper. We have been to 5 TX State Parks and traveled over 1000 miles. Whew! I'm tired. We had a blast! The kids got to spend some great quality time with their cousins and aunts and uncles, not to mention their parents.

My little Annika told the 2 kids in the neighboring campsite about Jesus and led them to the Lord! She has done that before at other campsites. She is something; my little evangelist. Sometimes I wonder how people are going to take her. She is so forthright about what she believes. Sometimes, I have to admit, it embarrasses me. Dave and I don't walk around shouting from the rooftops and to every passing acquaintance that we are Christians and you could be too,(although, maybe we should) but my Annika does. Sometimes I feel like telling her that the world does not operate that way, people are going to get offended. Dave tells me not to squash it in her. She'll learn soon enough what the world thinks of her faith.

I'm sad to say that I think she learned a little bit about that this time. After a day or so of these two neighbor kids playing with my kids and nieces and nephews, Annika told them about Jesus and how to have him in your heart. (Thank you AWANA, she really knows just what to say!) Well, the next day those two kids wouldn't play with her or any of the other kids. I think their parents told them not to! I'm sure they thought we were some kind of weird religious nuts. It really hurt Annika, but I explained to her that if the parents are not Christians, maybe they don't want their kids to be either. She really can't understand this. It is hard to get when your 8. We will probably never see this family again, but we are praying for them.

In case you are wondering, we went to South Llano State Park first, then on to Lost Maples State Park, then to Garner State Park, and last but not least (okay, definitely least if your rating the bathroom cleanliness!) was Ink's Lake State Park. While were were staying at Inks Lake, we did a day trip out to Enchanted Rock. All I can say about that is, if I'm going to make it in Colorado this summer, I'd better start training! That climb (if you can really call it that) ate my lunch! I was getting smoked by Retirees and pregnant women!

This is my Evelyn with her cousin Kaarin, they are only 4 months apart in age. They were gleeful because they get soda. We only have soda when we are camping, so it is a big treat!

This is what my 12 year old Gunnar looked like most of the trip. If there was mud, he'd find it, and much to the dismay of my SIL, he usually took my 8 year old nephews along for the ride!

This is Annika lounging on a rock in the Frio river, and let me tell you, that water was COLD. Only my toes made it into the water. Why don't kids feel the cold, I ask you?

Here is my 15 year old son Bryce, riding his bike...backward. Why don't my kids do anything normally? :o)

And last but not least...

My 9 year old Evelyn cooking dinner! I am so glad my kids are getting older. They are helpful and fun to be around.

We sure had a great vacation. Now it's time for the cleanup. I wish I'd have taken a before photo of the camper. It was all nice and clean and tidy. It is sitting out in the driveway waiting for me do clean it so we can put it away. Boy is it a MESS!!! And don't even get me started on the 20 or so loads of laundry that await me downstairs. But, you know what, it was worth ever bit of hassle! When I see the smiles on my kids faces and see that we have really bonded as a family, well that, as they say is...priceless.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Your camping trip looks like it was a lot of fun. I laughed to see your daughter lying in the cold river, my kids do that all the time. I don't know how they don't freeze to death! They also walk over sharp gravel with no shoes! Another one I can't do~

Jenny in Ca said...

wow, sounds like a good camping trip! I refuse so far, to camp more than 3 nights..I just cannot take it!

sorry about Annika's experience with sharing the gospel, what a sweet heart she has. I know it is hard to watch your kids learn the hard realities of just want to step in and fix it somehow.

have a wonderful week!