Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Premonition (the Movie)

I took my friend Sarah out for a birthday dinner and movie last night. We were looking for something light and funny, however, as we read the reviews on the Plugged In website for all the comedies we were interested in, they all looked so trashy, so we chose a thriller. I usually do not watch this type of movie, but it was her birthday. She chose Premonition with Sandra Bullock. I will say that it was quite clean. HOWEVER...


To know what I am talking about read this brief synopsis here...

We really were not sure how this movie was going to play out, was she crazy? Does she have some mental illness causing all this? Or is it really happening? Well as the movie progresses you find out that, yes this is really happening. Through the course of trying to figure out a way to put all the days together (she is basically living the week out of order) she finds out that her husband is about to have an affair. Things have been sort of cold between them for a while, and as he has to train the new Assistant Manager at work, (a nice looking blond) he starts to have feelings for her, and on the day he dies he is on his way out of town for a business meeting where he and the Assistant Manager are planning to share a hotel room.
She learns this, and on one of the days where he is dead she asks her mom if it is murder if she lets him die. Her mom is of course confused because he is already dead. But the main character, Linda, knows now that when she wakes up tomorrow, he'll be alive and she'll have one last chance to try to save him. In the end she tries to tell him (he thinks it's just a bad dream she had), and they mend their relationship, and she makes him promise to wake her before he leaves for the trip.

When she wakes up in Wed morning finally, (the day she knows he is going to die) he has taken the kids to school for her to let her sleep. She frantically runs out the door and calls him. They talk while she is trying to catch up with him, and he confesses that he was about to have an affair, and apologises and tells her he loves her and wants to make their marriage better, she says she knows about the other woman and forgives him, he says he's coming home. It is just at this moment that she she realizes He is at Mile Marker 220. The place the Sheriff said he died. Then suddenly a semi races over the hill, hits the car and they both go up in smoke, right in front of her.

The next seen is her waking up in a room with packed boxes, her girls come in and say that the movers are here. She gets up, smiles at them and says okay, it's time to go. As she gets up you see she is pregnant, likely from the night they reconciled. Then the movie screen goes blank, MOVIE OVER!!! WHAT???

They never really tell us if he is dead or alive. She did have a sequence right when she awoke with snapshots of her and her husbands lives together with he voice of the Priest she talked to earlier running through her mind saying you have to choose what you want, choose hope and love. Also the moving is significant because earlier in the movie she stops buy a serene neighborhood on a lake while she is trying to figure out what is going on, and a man walks up to her saying it is a great neighborhood to start over in. she starting over with her dh? Or on her own? Are we to believe that she woke up and was able to choose her dh or that her choice was going after him and getting one last chance to mend the relationship and getting one last baby, before he died?

I'll tell you, this kind of movie is not for me. First of all, I don't even like to entertain the idea that my dh might some day die. Hi is superman and will never die. I have to believe this or, well we won't go there. Next, I hate ambiguous endings! I want it all tied up in a need little bow for me, and I want the ending to be happy, darn it! If I want to be sad I'll watch the news!

So in my mind, I have decided that she walks down the stairs to find her husband talking to the movers, and they are moving alltoghtehr as a family, to start over. My friend thinks I'm delusional and he is dead, she is moving the kids out of the house to start fresh without him. To sad, I can't live with that ending.

These kinds of movies really get in my head (could you tell from the epic blog about a movie) I can't stop thinking about them. I put myself in the shoes of the characters, what would I do? It really messes with my head.

I don't think I'll watch another movie like this for a long time. I think trashy humor would have had less of an impact! :o)

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