Monday, March 5, 2007


I am having a little stress today...we are leaving for a 10 day camping trip early Fri am, I have classes to teach at co op on Thursday, and I have an ENORMOUS amount of stuff to do before we leave...
1. get all laundry clean so we can pack
2. pack my clothes
2.5 pack dh clothes
3. tell kids to pack
4. make sure kids did not pack only candy and a swim suit
5. grocery shop for this week
7. grocery shop for 10 day trip
8. separate out groceries into what stays in the house and what goes in the camper
9. put groceries in the camper
10. get various electronic gadgetry to keep kids entertained in the car.
11. take all library books back before we leave for trip
12. find all library books
13. call to tell everyone we usually do stuff for all week we'll be gone
14. ask neighbor to get mail
15. remember to get all sundry items into camper like; camera, battery charger, neck warmer, lap top, headphones...
16. prepare for k-2 literature class at co op on Thursday
17. Prepare for 4-6 literature class at co op on Thursday
18. Help kids get all homework done for co op on Thursday
19. remember all the stuff that should be on this list that isn't yet
20. Oh, yeah, HOMESCHOOL 4 KIDS!!!

Must find a solution, is this it???

Perhaps this?

Note to self...stop blogging and get to work!


Jenny in Ca said...

oh, you made me laugh! I loved Bill the cat-that take on serenity is great, I may have to steal...uh, borrow that!

my you do have alot to do. Do what is important and don't stress the rest.

have a great camping trip!

Tricia said...

Now looking back I wonder what all that stress was about, It all got done, and no one died, and who cares if something gets left behind. THer is a Walmart every 15 min down the interstate!

You are welcome to borrow Bill the Cat. I stole, ah borrowed it from somewhere anyway! :o)