Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday's Favorites

In my first Friday's favorites I told you how Hershey's Chocolate bars and peanut butter are one of my all time favorites, well Hershey's has done it again...

This new candy bar is revolutionary! Peanut butter IN the Hershey's Chocolate. No more dipping, no more chocolate slivers in the peanut butter. Not only that but this bar is HUGE. This is no regular bar. This is THE candy bar. My new best friend! (Sorry Sarah)

Now for my husbands favorite. Velcro! Not regular fabric store Velcro, no he has this industrial stuff that I'm sure you could build houses with.
He has little pieces of this stuff all over the house. He has some attached to my wine rack to store and charge his phone and ear piece. He has some on the dash of his car to hold his phone. No fancy schmancy car attachments. No just give him some Velcro and he's a happy man. Know what does not make him happy? Me making fun of his Velcro habit. I laughed my head off when I saw his laptop. He has a strip of Velcro across the top of his laptop to hold his stuff; some little computer accutrements to store vital work info, and he also has his phone and ear piece securely attached to the top of his laptop. He often has sticky notes attached to his laptop.

DO you see the look on his face? He loves his Velcro, he does not like me taking photos of him while laughing at his strange love affair with Velcro...

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