Monday, February 9, 2009

Breaking News!

Did you see those pigs fly by? Do you feel the freezing air coming up though the crevices in the ground?

Yes, my friends I intentionally if not forcibly put salt water up my nose. I, the same girl who was teased mercilessly for holding my nose closed before even entering the water slide at Hurricane Harbor as a teen. The same girl who won’t go anywhere near the deep end without something securing my nostrils closed. And yet, after much prodding and cajoling from my friend S, I caved. I think it had something to do with utter desperation at my lack of ability to breathe.

Now, the nasal irrigator is not magic. I still have a whopper of a headache and overall feel lousy, but I can once again breathe through my nose, and that is almost worth intentionally inserting water into my nasal passageways.

So S, while I am not yet a convert. I am willing to try. Who would have ever thought such a thing would occur? Apparently nothing is impossible. Perhaps I should start working on the whole Israeli, Palestinian thing.


Happy Mommy said...

Oh you must try the nedi pot, that is just a weird feeling... But then you can breath!

Tonya said...

It is disgusting, but it works. Glad you can breathe today!

JasonBecca said...

My mom gave me a netti pot b/c I was so miserable w/ my last cold - we'll see if I'm brave enough to use it next time I need it! Seems soooo gross, but I have heard rave reviews!