Saturday, February 28, 2009

Of Health and Guns

I thought you all might be wondering if I died of deprivation being as the blog has been quiet for a few days. The answer is no, I have not died of deprivation, though it was touch and go for a while there.

Honestly, I feel good and that makes me kinda mad. I'm crazy that way. I made it through the first 10 days and I feel like I did well. A little cookie and one piece of chocolate, plus continuing my one cup of coffee a day. Not bad.

I'm on the second phase of the nutritional cleanse where I'm allowed a little lean meat, so that's nice. I have had some fish and some lean chicken. I forgot how much I LOVED meat. I can't have red meat yet though, but when I can I'm having a big ol' juicy steak!

Also, I lost 7.6lbs in 10 days. Not bad. I told my nutritionist that while I'm happy with the almost 8lb weight loss, I feel that with that level of deprivation I should have lost 50lbs. She said perhaps my expectations were unrealistic. Whatever.

I must say I'm torn here. I feel better. That stinks. When I eat good for me foods I feel better. When I eat bad for me foods I feel bad. The thing is. I really, really like the bad for me foods! So it's a dilemma. It's kinda like having to choose which one of your children is your favorite. It's an unanswerable question! Do I want to feel good or eat the foods I love? Sigh. I know, I'm being a drama queen. I know I'll not have to give up everything I love, I just need to be smarter about what I eat when and in what quantities. Getting old sucks.

On a completely different note, Sir D and I went shooting last night. I am really enjoying this new little hobby. It is a lot of fun and something Sir D and I can do together. I'm not taking up motocross and I don't see Sir D taking up crocheting, so shooting seemed like a good alternative. I love seeing the type of people who come to the shooting range. You'd expect a bunch of good ol' Texas boys and there are some of those, but last night there was a husband and wife with their teenage son and two ladies in their 60's. Those older ladies were shooting a giant cannon of a gun and were darn good shots!

I'm telling you, I think half the members of the AARP down here in TX are armed!

I told Sir D that for my birthday I either want an IPhone or a pink glock or both.

Happy Saturday!

*I feel I need to mention that I really do like my nutritionist, she is a very sweet lady who knows her stuff. I just don't like what she is telling me! The truth hurts!*


Shannon L. Fowler said...

I'm with you on the food thing! I *KNOW* what foods I should eat and what I should stay away from. But, just like you, I like the yummy tasting bad for me foods the best! LOL

It would be a hard thing to decide between an iphone and a pink Glock! I'd pick both! LOL

::Cheers:: (toasting my morning coffee with you!)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am passing the “Lovely Blogger Award” on to you! Thank you for such a wonderful blog! Please see my blog for more details!


Tonya said...

Well, you don't have to give up your "junk" foods entirely - just eat them less often! There are many ways to plan for it - have one day of the week you can eat whatever you want (or one meal), make sure you eat the good stuff 90% of the time ... Also, after a while, you'll like the good stuff and the bad stuff won't be quite as yummy (well, that's the idea anyway - ice cream is always delicious!). :-)

heidi @ ggip said...

You must be doing something like atkins. I'm not a huge fan of atkins, but I guess the proof is in the pudding (or not having pudding...)

Good luck with your goals. :)

Tricia said...

Thanks guys! It's getting easier. It's not Adkins. I'm seeing a nutritionist because of some chronic health problems.

She put me on a 21 day cleanse. Basically it is very controlled foods, adding in some lean meat on day 11. I do have a shake I drink every morning that is full of protein, B vitamins and who knows what else.

After the 21 days she'll go over with me a good maintenance diet. So it's not a faddish diet, she went over my symptoms and issues and then helped me figure out a good diet. In some ways I wish it was Adkins, with that diet you can eat bacon. I want bacon.

Halfmoon Girl said...

aw, who needs bacon- then you would have to clean the grease splatter off your stove? (I secretly love bacon, but am trying to help you out here. Seriously, you are doing awesome. I am glad you are feeling better!