Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This morning we got the official diagnoses from the lovely people at the Scottish Rite Hospital that A is Dyslexic. This is not really news to me. I know she is dyslexic.

After going through it with G and doing the 2 year remediation program, not to mention being dyslexic myself. I know what it looks like.

She is not as severe as Gunnar, although they at SR don't like to use terms like mild or severe.

DH and I are now trying to decide to keep on doing what we are doing with her; a heavy phonics program, or send her to the 2 year remediation program, like her brother.

Personally I'm opting for the at-home approach. I know what to do and how to do it and have seen improvement since we started a more phonetic approach to learning reading.

DH is opting for the 2 year program. I have to say that I'd rather hit my thumb with a hammer several times daily for the next 2 years then have to drive downtown 4 DAYS A WEEK FOR 2 YEARS.

We're praying about it. I was desperate with G. No matter what I did that kid did not improve. I was so grateful for the program. I am not desperate with A. I have seen steady improvement, it is just slow going.

I got the impression that they would happily take her into the program in a heartbeat. They know us there and really liked Gunnar. He is such a likable kid!

But 2 more years! UGH!

Praying for God's leading here...

BTW, I feel like the above cartoon is not in poor taste as I am not only making fun of my 2 dyslexic children but of myself too. I see untie, every time I read united.

I saw a tee-shirt that said...Dyslexics of the would UNTIE! I did not get it at first! Then I laughed my head off!


Halfmoon Girl said...

A sense of humour makes life so much more enjoyable. Keep it up!

nsremom said...

I just found you via halfmoon girl. Sounds like our spider phobia linked us. :)

My middle daughter we feel is slightly dyslexic. It's just the way she is. I'm done comparing and freaking out about it. It's just over.

So I picked myself up and trudge along teaching her, and it feels so amazing when she gets something quickly. Like I hit the Jackpot or something. You know what I mean?

I second your thought on the no driving into town thing. My husband would likely say what yours did, but they don't do the driving. UGH. I hate going somewhere everyday. It's torture.

I'm putting you in my bloglines, you're mighty entertaining. :)