Thursday, May 17, 2007

Look How the Time Flies!

Please allow me to reminisces…go back with me almost 13 years.

B was just over 3 and had gotten a new bike for his birthday. He rode it for about a week and began asking his dad to take off his training wheels. For over a week he begged, “Daddy, Plllleeeeaaaassseeeee, take them off.” Finally my husband relented and told him he’d take one off. He knew that as soon as he crashed and burned the first time, he’d want them back on.

An amazing thing happened. He did not crash. He went around the circle two or three times and then came to his Dad and said, “Daddy plllleeeeaaaassseeeee, take the other one off.” So he did.

There was my baby, with his little chili bowl haircut and knobby knees, riding around the circle, pretty-as-you-please, with no training wheels. That was the beginning of his love for all things with wheels. He has been riding a three-wheeler or dirt bike motorcycle almost as long as he has been riding his bicycle.

But today, we opened up a whole new chapter. Today, my baby got his learners permit.

He is allowed, with restrictions, to drive a car. He will have these restrictions for 6 months. I can already hear him saying “Plllleeeeaaaassseeeee, take them off”.

My, how time flies. I feel like I am looking at that same knobby kneed 3 year old, only this time he’s driving my car!

Do you see that empty passenger seat? That is my place now.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Oh Tricia! I feel your pain! Remain calm - take a deep breath and hold on tight!

Christy said...

Oh Tricia, how terribly sad! What are we going to do? I've tried everything from begging to putting big heavy rocks on their heads to keep them from growing up but they just keep doing it!

No matter how big they get, they'll always be our babies, won't they?

*sniff sniff* to hug my 'babies' now.

Sheri said...

Hey I was here the other day looking at this post and I thought I commented! LOL I can't imagine how sad yet happy you feel.