Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The things you learn from teens.

I have a funny story to tell you. This happened a few years ago, but something reminded me of it yesterday, and like the good blogger that I am, I thought, I must blog that!

So here’s the story. A friend of mine walked into a bar…sorry, wrong story. A friend of mine went in to a Christian book store looking for a CD for her husband. Now for you to really get the humor, you must let me describe my friend. She’s a little thing from Mississippi; accent and all. She’s cute as a bugs ear, as they say in the south.

She goes to the lady behind the counter, an older lady who owns this establishment, (it is a mom and pop shop, not one of those chains) and the lady asks my friend if she can help her find anything.

My friend replies, “yes, I’m looking for a CD for my husband, something like Devil Chasers, or Demon Catchers, Satan Searchers…something like that.” (All said in her cute lil Ol’ Miss’ippi accent)

The little old lady’s eyes bug out of her head and she replies, “Honey, this is a Christian book store, we don’t carry anything like that.” I’m certain at this point she and her little ol’ husband, who’d come on the scene, were thinking of throwing her down on the ground and saying “Devil, come OUT!” or throwing Holy Water on her or something.

But before this embarrassing event could transpire, a teen walked up (presumably the summer help) and said, “Oh, you mean Demon Hunter, it’s right over here, let me show you.”

Now, I can only presume that the cute little Ol’ couple went straight back there after my friend left, and took every one of those devil CD’s off their shelf!

Personally, I would never have found myself in this situation because I have teens. My friend’s child was only 4, she is still listening to Barney in the car. Not me, no I know all about Demon Hunter. And there are others, groups like Piller, Skillet, Kids in the Way, Roper, Switchfoot, Kutless & Hawk Nelson can often be found blaring through my car.

I made the mistake of downloading the entire Windows Media Player onto my MP3 player when I first got it. I did not realize that the boys had their music on it too. And since I’ve never taken the time to take off all my teens’ crazy music off my MP3 player I have had the opportunity to listen to some of the stuff. I must say here that some of it is downright scary (I know I really sound like the MOM) but you can’t understand what they are saying, how do I know it is Christian music? You can’t understand the words!

But… and I’ll never admit this to my kids…some of it is pretty good. Like this one, and this, and this. Try it out. Your kids will be totally impressed that you know their music.

And if you end up liking Demon Hunter, don’t go to a store to get it. Just buy it online, it’s better for everyone.


Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

My husband used to be the student pastor and is now the worship pastor, so he'd have known who the Devil Hunters were, too. I, on the other hand, would've been clueless! But I'm really not very cool, either :)

And about your cupcake comment at my site--Bridget's sister did do cupcakes at her wedding, and they were absolutely gorgeous! They were frosted with her wedding colors, and then her mother made a heart-shaped sugar cookie (small) with the couple's monogram frosted on top, and then pressed the monogrammed cookie onto the cupcake. Her dad made a cupcake stand that held 120 cupcakes, and her mother, who's a florist, wrapped floral ribbon in the wedding colors around it. I didn't get to see it, but Bridget says it was a much more noticeable display than a cake would've been, and it cost a fraction as much! We used our metal cupcake stands from Michael's, though. :) Good luck on the cupcake idea--I think it sounds WAY easier than a regular wedding cake!!

Kristy said...

I smiled at your post..
My husband listens to Demon Hunter, Kutless, anything heavy.. He is 34(don't tell him I told you).
I found you through Well Drained Mind.