Thursday, May 31, 2007

We Interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to bring you this news...

I deleted the original post because, well, it was whiny; shame on me for being such a baby.

I have a lot of responsibilities next year and we’ve just added taking A to Scottish Rite, daily (except Fridays) for two school years and one summer session starting on Monday. I’m a bit overwhelmed.

But I don’t have cancer, I haven’t had to go through the Holocaust, my children are healthy and not suffering from some incurable health problem. I was not forced to have an abortion because my country does not allow more than one child per couple. My dh is not leaving me for another woman, or molesting our children. And really doesn’t that just put it all into perspective?

I have been wallowing in self pity (and I do mean wallowing!) since we made the decision to accept the space offered to us in the Dyslexia program. Well, today I either read about or was told about someone experiencing the above pain, and other than the Holocaust and the abortion thing, the suffering is happening to people I know.

So, God, I get it. I’ll make it through the next two and a half years, and it could be SOOOO very much worse.

To those of you who had to read my little pity party, I’m sorry. You caught me at a week moment. Thank you nsremom for your kind comment.

And now, please excuse this little interruption. You can go back to your regularly scheduled post reading…

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nsremom said...

Well at least #21 will help you with 1-20.

That was one long list. wow. I'm feeling lazy. :)