Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I think I have mentioned before that I have a problem, a medically documented issue, a phobia. I am not alone in this phobia. So many people share my phobia that they have made some really awful B movies about it. It is…you guessed it…arachnophobia.

I am absolutely certifiable when it comes to spiders.

Well, today has set my wellness plan back years, decades maybe. I found THIS in my house!

Okay, to be honest, my son found it. He was doing laundry (yes my teenage son knows how to do laundry. I am teaching him for his future wife. One day she will thank me) and he started to put the towel load into the machine. As he picked up a towel, he found his hand precariously near a HUGE spider. A TARANTUALLA!!!!!! Now, this load of towels has not sat in the basket for weeks, in fact I think I did a towel load about 3 days ago. We are not filthy people with nests of TRANTUALLAS in our home. We just live in TX.

In TX you can have the cleanest house on the block with the Merry Maids coming every other day, and you will still have creatures in your house.

I think we have a food chain going on under our house. I never see any roaches. I know that most people would rejoice at this, but as I said, in TX the presence or lack thereof of creatures, has no bearing on the state of your home. They are simply everywhere. And if they are not, it is because you have something higher on the food chain in or around your home. We have had snakes (not the good kind, the rattling kind) we have had many shapes and sizes of lizard. We have had bugs that even the most skilled entomologist would have a hard time identifying. But the thing that strikes fear into my heart is the GIANT SPIDER!!!

How do my kids feel about this whole thing? Watch this.

I guess I did not pass my certifiable phobia to my offspring. After watching this video my 12yods took of letting the GIANT SPIDER go FAR AWAY from my home, I do know my daughters have my girly silliness in spades!

Do they have GIANT SPIDERS in Canada? I think I’m moving!


Mark said...

That is awesome! Not that I wish we had those here in Michigan, but it's still pretty cool that your kids had that experience. It sure sounded that they were having a good time & enjoying the "wildlife".

Jenny in Ca said...

wow, what a great video! I was really cringing when the camera went eye level with the spider. I am really afraid of spiders too, and it seems to get worse the older I get. We don't have big spiders like this where I live in So. Ca...but once when I was around 7 we found one walking in the gutter down our street. I did put it into a glass jar. I don't know how I did it, now, I could not be in a room with a free tarantula! yikes!

Christy said...

Ok Tricia, first of all, I got tickled at your girls. They sound so cute.

But honey, was it REALLY necessary to put the camera right down eye-level with the horrid thing?! I actually backed my desk chair away from the computer and had to look away until it was over. I seriously did NOT like that! LOL! You should warn us before freaking us out like that!

Tricia said...

Mark, I am glad you enjoyed the video. It made me laugh about the different reactions from male to female! What is it about most women (me included) that goes ICK! at big spiders?

Jenny & Christy, sorry I should have warned you. I was NO WHERE NEAE the filming of this video. My 12yods did it. I was in the house shaking violently and looking for my arachnophobia meds! (just kidding about the meds but not about the shaking! :o)

The Carnegies said...

Hi Tricia,

I am from Canada, but I have never seen a spider like that up close and personal. Except behind glass. Was that a real tarantula? Yikes! WE do get rather large wolf spiders here (you can see their eyes.....eewe!) I'm sure I would have developed a terrible fear of laundry had that happened to me. (A good excuse not to do laundry?....Err, maybe not)www.homeschooljourney.wordpress.com