Monday, July 9, 2007

Dance or Rant!

Now is the time on Sprockets, when we DANCE! Or, now is the time on Tricia’s blog, when we RANT! (For those of you who didn’t watch Saturday Night Live in the 80’s, never mind the first part of that sentence)

Normally I’m a clam girl. Not much ruffles my feathers, but sometimes, something does. I’ll tell you what makes me crazy. AMBIVALENCE TO SOMETHING THAT HAS DIRE, ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES. That makes me see red!

You have been forewarned. I am going to say some things that are not popular and perhaps even offensive, so click away now, or forever hold you peace (or don’t, and leave me a comment).

First you must read this article from the Washington Post. I first read about this on Christy’s blog. Honestly, I know I should not be surprised. It is the way of things in the time we live. But I am continually astonished that people sit idly by and hand over their hard won freedoms, one issue at a time.

You remember S*x Ed, right? We all had to take it. It was pretty innocuous as I recall, but even back when I was in school there were kids who didn’t attend and whose parents make a stink. As a kid I remember thinking “What’s the big deal”? Well now, as a parent I get it. Why is it the school’s responsibility to teach my kid S*x ED at all? I am pretty sure people who send their kids to school want the schools to teach them the basic academic things; language arts, math, science, history and the like. Teaching kids about s*x in general should be left to the parents.

So years ago the schools started teaching s*x ED in health classes. There were a few who objected, but their cries of foul were soon silenced, and s*x Ed in health class became the norm. It started out that they talked about a man and wife, then a man and woman. (A small delineation with a big moral difference) Now they are teaching that Hom*s*xu*lity is just another lifestyle choice.

Don’t like it? Too bad says the Board of Education in Montgomery Co, Maryland, and I quote “And although a parent does have a right to control the upbringing of a child, "that right is not absolute. It must bend to the State's duty to educate its citizens.”

I do have to add that the Montgomery Board of Education has magnanimously allowed that the parents do have the right to opt out and must sign a permission slip to have their kids in the class. How generous of them. They are still teaching, to the masses, something that was considered a sin just 25 or so years ago is just another lifestyle choice now.

It is a slippery slope my friends. We keep handing more and more of our responsibilities as parents to the government and they’ll happily take it, and do with it what they want.

Rant concluded, your may now move about the Internet.


Joshua said...
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Tricia said...

Sorry, got a little spam.

Halfmoon Girl said...

In BC, Canada, where I live, it is worsening- now it is hate to give a differing opinion about homosexuality. The schools are to teach it throughout all their curriculum, so it would be hard for a parent to monitor. History, arts, math (this mathematician was gay, etc.). This was an agenda pushed through the courts by a gay couple. They fought for it- lots of Christians sit by. I hear what you are saying. Canada is more "progressive" on these issues. In the documents surrounding this case, parents who did not want their children exposed to this one sided view, were said to be narrow minded and teaching their children hate. to me, that is total reverse intolerance. It is blatant, this is what happens when things "progress". I wouldn't care so much what they taught if I knew that Christianity, Creation, abstinence were taught as well. Well, there is my little rant in reply! Mainly I just wanted to say that it gets to a point where it is all through the curriculum so that you can't even pull your kids out when you want.

nsremom said...

I read both posts with anger. How DARE they. They can never usurp my parenting. period. It makes me rile up.

oh, and when I was a sophomore years ago my parents had me sit out of health class during s*x ed. The reason? My teacher was a lesbian and who knows what she might have taught. Every kid was jealous of me. they didn't look at me like I was weird at all.

Christy said...

Yep, this really angered me too. That's why it's listed under 'Reasons We Homeschool' on my blog. They say we're crazy, yet they keep on giving us reason after reason to stay 'crazy'.

'Not absolute' my foot. Just try me! That's where the little 'Z-snappin' momma shows her little side-bobbin head with attitude! LOL!