Thursday, July 12, 2007

Whatever Shall We Do With Our Time?

D and I have been enjoying having our evenings to ourselves while the boys are at camp. The girls get in bed at 7 and listen to tapes for awhile before they go to sleep. So D and I have all evening to ourselves. It is kinda weird. We haven’t had this much time in the evenings since the kids were little and they all went to bed at 7 and if they didn’t they were infants and not listening, with rapt attention to everything we say.

So what did we do with our week long vacation from older kids? We, cooked good expensive meals like grilled steak, baked potato with portabella mushroom sauce. (OH. MY. WORD. That was good)

We also started a new TV series. It is called Robin Hood. (I know, you’re thinking…not new) but this is a new mini series put out by the BBC (quite possibly my new favorite channel since we got satellite, next to the USA network which airs Monk, but that is another post)

D and I have really enjoyed it so far. We are about half way through it. It is not too dark and it has some funny parts. It does not take itself too seriously. I am getting it through Netflix. They aired it on the BBC before we got satellite and they kept running the reruns out of order. I simply cannot start a miniseries with episode 2. Perhaps I am watching too much Monk.

Anyway, I waited until it came out on video so we could start at the beginning. We have even decided it is (so far) okay for the boys to watch when they get home. No bad words, no love scenes, there is a bit of tension between Marion and Robin but nothing over the top so far. There are, of course, some swordplay and shooting of people with arrows but nothing grotesquely violent. In fact Robin’s whole thing is that he does not want to have to kill anyone, even his enemies, if he can help it. That is why he must be so creative to avoid having to kill the Sheriff.

Anyway, it is really good and I recommend it.

I think I have talked a bout the mini series North and South with Richard Armitage before. He is in Robin Hood as the bad guy and bad guy he is. It is almost disturbing to see such a good guy in North and South be such a bad, bad guy in Robin Hood. I suggest if you have not seen North and South you do so before you watch Robin Hood, and maybe wait a week or two before you start Robin Hood. My delicate sensibilities simply could not handle such a rapid change in personality.

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