Monday, July 30, 2007

We’re Baaaack!

We had a great time on our Colorado trip. I have hundreds of photos but I will spare you all of them. Many are of the scenery. When you live in flat TX, the very idea of things sticking miles up out of the ground is just shocking. Thus the many, many photos.

Here are my kids, shortly after we got in the car for the first time. Everyone was so excited. They all had their own headphones and tape/CD players and they listened to several books on the way.

This is what it looked like on our way out of Dallas. Typical; and it was only 3 in the afternoon.

Here are a few of my favorite shots. Some I took and some G took. He is becoming quite the photographer.

This is the quintessential family vacation shot.

We watched this storm come over the mountain, it was truly breathtaking. We were camped at the base of the mountain.

This is the view from the top of Raton Pass. G took this shot.

This is where we stopped and had a picnic after we went over Raton Pass.

This was our view while we picnicked.

THis is a photo G took at the Great Sand Dunes. What a creative shot. The underwater stream had bubbled up at the base of the dunes. It was really cool.

This is the view from one of our campsites. Yes, my friends, that is Pike's Peak. And Yes, I did climb to the my car, but does it count? Because I was totally out of breath when I got to the top, even though the van did all the work.

What was I doing all this time? That is me in the passenger seat with the map. I was the navigator. We all had walkie-talkies, and I would tell everyone where to go. Why they trusted me with this job I’ll never know. We didn’t get lost much or drive off a cliff so I guess I did okay.

Here is a photo of the kids on the way home. Same kids but now they’re very tired and DIRTY.

And I’ll leave you with this last photo. This is what happens when you forget to empty your coffee pot and then leave it unattended for 10 days.



Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Such great pictures! I especially like the coffee pot one, I've dont that many many times ;-)

Halfmoon Girl said...

I can't believe that Kathleen would go that many days without her coffee pot! Anyways, great pics- love the one with the sunflower in the foreground. Glad you made it home safely, despite the double tow-ers !