Tuesday, July 17, 2007

An Uncommon Kindness

I saw something today that restored my faith in humanity just a little bit.

I was sitting in a little burger joint, next to a gas station that does state car inspections. Getting my car inspected is one thing in a long, long list of things I must get done before we leave on our 2 week camping trip to Colorado. We are going on this trip with two of D’s brothers and their families. It will be a great fun family time, providing we all survive the preparation phase of this little adventure.

So, back to the restoring my faith in humanity thing. I was sitting in this little burger joint watching the mechanic across the street hook up my van up to various machines, and frantically jotting down notes in my spiral notebook that is holding not one, but three of my to do lists, when I noticed a man hop up and open the door for an elderly lady.

But let me set the scene a little better, first off, this man was a bit grungy. He was obviously a construction worker just coming off a job site for lunch with his buddy, and equally grungy construction worker. They had their food and were eating and talking about whatever grungy construction workers talk about at lunch.

Now this lady was a classy looking older lady, here in TX that means big hair, nice seersucker pants and a purse that matches her shoes. She had her hands full of her meal sack and drink, plus her nice purse and keys.

I am embarrassed to admit that I was in the booth closest to the door but did not notice her plight because, as I have previously stated, I was frantically putting very important things on my to do list like “get 1 ply toilet paper for camper” see very important stuff.

I was so proud of this man. He was eating his lunch, he was not right next to this lady, and there were many other able bodied men and women (Hello! ME!) closer to the situation, but he did not wait for someone else to do it. He got up from his meal and did it.

Really, it was a small thing, it took no more than 30 seconds, but it made a big difference to that lady.

I did say to that man, thank you for being gentleman. I am glad to see they still exist. His reply was, “It was no big deal, I just opened a door, anyone could have done it”.

Hummm, I’m sure many would say that too, that anyone could have done it. But only he actually got up off his bum and did it.

That man’s mama raised him right. I pray I do as well with my own sons.

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Halfmoon Girl said...

I hope that my kids are the same way!