Friday, April 11, 2008

I LOVE a Fiesta!

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The following is a re post from October. I am sad to admit, I am still wearing the same shirts, carrying the exact same bag, and wearing the exact same flats.

The shirts are now short sleeves however, and the jeans are now shorts or Capris. But the overall appearance is the same. I am boring. I think I am scared of print. D0 they have a 12 step program for this?

For instance, I bought this shirt from Old Navy.

It is cute, and it fits, but I put it on and then before I leave the hosue, I take it off. It is too loud.

I think I need fashion therapy.

However, I did buy these shoes as well as the black and white one's below and they match with everything! (Except the above shirt. I do know that much)

I LOVE them. I get lots of complement on my fun shoes, but I think that next to all the bland solid colors, the pattern on my feet draws the eye away,and that is totally okay with me. My feet have not added nearly the inches that the rest of me has. So, yeah, look at my cool shoes. See how skinny my feet look in them!

****The Following is a repost from October***

I went to Target today. I shouldn’t have because that store is a giant cash eating black hole for me, but I did it.

I bought my winter wardrobe. I am hoping that if I spend money on warmer clothes, I’ll actually have a chance to wear them.

So here is what I bought. I am so boring. This is just the long sleeve version of my summer wardrobe. And instead of jeans, in the summer, I’m in jean shorts. WHOO HOO! Such a fashionista I am!

I did buy a multicolored striped purse and some flats that had some pattern in them (I can’t tell you how happy I am that flats are back!!!) but for the most part, everything I own is a solid color.

Here are a few of the things I bought.

They had this shirt on sale so I bought a few more in various colors; one can never have too many solid colored T’s in TX.

Then I bought several colors of this, just like above, but note the longer sleeves.

I did go a little crazy and get this version with a peter pan color, but I bought it in black so I can wear it to church.

And let's not forget the must-have hoodie. (AKA a sweatshirt if you're over 18.) I do own a nice coat to wear to church on the 3 Sunday's a year that it is necessary, but mostly I just wear this. I also have a nice crocheted sweater, but well, that is harder to wash, so I stick with the old standby. Could I get any duller? Hello grey, my old friend!

I think if my sister in laws knew I was buying more solid colored shirts they‘d have a fit. Someone has to be the plane jane in the family, and I take that position very seriously!


Halfmoon Girl said...

I love that shirt. Wear it today and leave the house- I.DARE.YOU.

dcrmom said...

I totally use shoes to add spice to my bland wardrobe. But that first shirt is CUTE, and you should wear it! :-)

Erin said...

Yes, the green shirt is fabulous! So are the flats!!

Leigh said...

I love the ON shirt!I enjoyed stopping in !I hope you will come and see my fiesta!

Keetha said...

They are all still oh so cute - - - so WHO CARES if you are still wearing them. Wear with pride girl, WITH PRIDE I say.

Keri said...

I agree with halfmoon girl! Wear that shirt and leave the house! It's adorable!

Lisa said...

I love love love those shoes. Where did you get them? I mUST get me those shoes!

Big Mama said...

I love that Old Navy shirt!

Thanks for joining in.