Friday, April 18, 2008

I think I'll settle for average after-all.

It's seems Will's tutor has reached her limit. She is done with him. I can't say I blame her.

I am trying to have some perspective. This morning, after I talked to her I got angry, then I cried, then I went outside on my deck and sat in the sunshine and took it to the Lord.

After the Lord and I had a good talk, (okay, I mostly talked and He mostly listened) I had an idea that I think was inspired. I came up with a way to get through this. I needed some advice from an acquaintance first though, so I called her. She is a wonderful lady who has/is raising 4 boys. 2 are out of the house, 2 are still at home being homeschooled.

Talking to her helped me immensely. She had some real wisdom to share with me. I needed to hear it.

We have a plan, we know where to go from here. The world did not stop spinning, but it is not going as I had planned. Will's schooling is not going to end up the way I thought it would. Turns out, he's not a rocket scientist or a Rhodes scholar. He's an average student. Why is that bad?

My friend said something to me that really stopped me in my tracks. She said, no one wants their kids to be average. We want them to either be above average, or we want a reason why they're not; like ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia or whatever. If there is a reason for them not to be above average, okay. But if their is not, well they better excel.

Here is the thing, average is average. It's not bad, it's not bottom of the barrel, it's in the middle.

I am not suggesting we settle for mediocrity and I don't think she was either, but the point is, to be above average in everything might just be a little more pressure than a 16 year old boy can handle.

I'm listening God.

And just in case you were wondering, I now not only think Whooping Cough is from the devil, but so is algebra!


Sheri said...

But I don't think accepting is "settling", you find their "average spots" and work with them, find where they can excel and work with that.

Glad you found an answer!

Tonya said...

I believe God has given us all areas we are good in and areas we aren't. So what if he stinks at math! I'm sure you can name many things he does well. Just because the world tells us that being good at math, science, art, etc is good doesn't mean that God thinks so. God knows Will and has a plan for him. Keep listening! :-)

Just thought of that verse - give thanks in all things. Even in this, give thanks. God is directing and teaching.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I think algebra stinks. I bet there are things that Will is above average at. So he won't be a math professor- he will do what he enjoys and is good at, right?