Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm Working! I'm Working!

I have a confession to make. I can often be found in my bathrobe in the morning. There is nothing especially shocking about that except that I have been known to stay this way until 8 or 11.

It’s not that I am lying around, really. I get up and we do Bible, and then I get the kids going on school, then someone needs help, then Will needs me to work with him on his paper, then Ann needs me to do her Scottish Rite homework with her then, what? it’s noon and I’m still in my robe. Not because I’ve been lazing around you see, but because I’ve been to busy to shower and get dressed!

The problem is where I live. I live in a community across from a major missionary base. It is a wonderful neighborhood where everyone knows everyone else; the kids all play together and I really can (and have) borrow an egg from a neighbor. It has all the benefits of a commune, without the polygamy, unfortunate fashion choices, braded hair and brainwashing.

But see the thing is, people stop by in the morning sometimes; they want to give me something one of my kids left at their house or borrow some sugar or an egg, and I am still in my bathrobe.

I PROMISE I am working hard! I am not watching the morning shows and eating cinnamon buns. I only do that in the summer don't do that! REALLY!


Tonya said...

Just to make you feel more normal, I was in my pajamas until 1:15 today - at which time I finally took a shower and put on regular clothes. This is not an uncommon occurrence for me! I hate to get dressed until I've had my shower. Since the boys wake up WAY before I can get up myself (6:15 this morning), I can't shower first thing. If I wait and shower when the girls are up and can "watch" the boys, I cut into school time. So, I wait until our youngest is taking his nap and shower then.

Tricia said...

That is so funny Tonya. Why don't we just get dressed before we shower?

I am just like that. I don't like to get dressed until I've had my shower.

I have no real excuse, my kids are all old enough to watch themselves, it's just that if I don't shower early, well the day begins and I can't stop it to take my shower! KWIM?