Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still Whoopin It Up.

Still cough, cough coughing.

Still hack, hack, hacking.

Still gasp, gasp, gasping.

Still wheeze, wheeze, wheezing.

These are still the sounds of my life.

I still think Whooping Cough is from the devil.

We're off to see the wizard doctor again today. 4th time in three weeks if you count the Children's Hospital.

All I can say is, just be glad germs don't travel through cyberspace. My website may be germ free but I assure you my home is teeming with them.

1 comment:

Happy Mommy said...

I feel so bad for you guys! I am still praying for you and will continue to.
It times like that, I am so thankful we homeschool, or the kids would be so far behind!