Friday, April 4, 2008

Tiny Bubbles...

Oh, Please say it ain't so!

Apparently, the bubble is back.

Can you believe this? This is from Chadwick's!

And this from Nordstroms.

I am so sad and scared.

I think I wore this exact dress to some sort of dance/prom thing in Junior High School.

Do we learn nothing from our past mistakes? Are we always destined to repeat them?

The Bubble Skirt, really?


Happy Mommy said...

I really do not like that either! We might be tight rolling our pants next...

Halfmoon Girl said...

I hear ya! That is one style I will be staying away from. Ok, I stay away from many things stylish as I buy most of my clothes at Costco, BUT, I definitely think that that would NOT be a flattering look for me.

Sandy said...

I wore one of those to prom hot pink. What are we paying designers for if they just keep giving us the same (ugly) things?