Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This and That, Here and There

I have to drive downtown to run the Scotthis Rite carpool today. For a while we (the carpool) were paying a guy and his wife to drive for us. They were a really sweet couple with two darling preschoolers. They decided to become missionaries.

Humm? Is driving 3 3rd graders that bad? Apparently it is, they felt they needed to flee the country.

Oh, they said it was a calling from God, but I wonder.

So here I am today, getting ready to drive the carpool downtown. On the upside, we are listening to Henry Huggins in the car to keep the kids quiet for their entertainment. I forgot how much I enjoy that little guy.

Ann has her end of year testing today. I am praying that they’ll take one look at her test results, declare her cured of all dyslexia and send her home, never to return.


It could happen!

I guess I aught to go get dressed. I don’t think they would appreciate me showing up in my robe, though it would serve them right for requiring me to be there before noon.

Enjoy your day. It’s going to be a beautiful one here. 72 and sunny with a little breeze. But don’t worry, we’ll get our just desserts this summer when it’s 572 degrees with %130 humidity. I won’t be bragging then.

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Tonya said...

This time of year, my mom is always telling me how gorgeous it is and how we should live there. I always remind her that in May, when her a/c is running 24 hours a day (and still in October), she will sing a different song! :-)