Monday, December 22, 2008

Everything is better dipped in chocolate.

I thought y'all might like to see what I did today.

I spent most of it like this. Sometimes without the phone. Mostly I was alone today, which was weird. Bob and Will had some teenage stuff to do with friends, Evelyn also had some teenage stuff to do with friends even though she is not yet a teen, she thinks she is.

Ann went to my SIL's house for a Gingerbread making marathon with her cousins (God bless you SIL R!).

She made our family in Gingerbread. See? Ginger-Mom, Ginger-Dad, and Ginger-siblings.

This is what I did today. Pretty huh? I am sending this to work with Sir D and his employees, and the other plates go to the neighbors.

I made chocolate chip/peanut butter chip oatmeal cookies then I dipped stuff in chocolate; cherries, strawberries, gingerbread men, peppermint sticks, really anything that wasn't nailed down got dipped in chocolate and stuck on a plate.

That's what it looked like once I had packaged almost all of it up. I wish I'd have thought to take a photo of everything all finished. It was covering the whole table. Things dripping in chocolate everywhere. YUM. I hope everything I dipped in chocolate was actually edible...

I have little more baking to do for Christmas Day and wrapping. Here is a photo of our tree. Those are gifts to\from the kids to\from each other. Also my gifts are there since Sir D bribed the children to wrap them for him.

On a totally different note. I have to take Bob to the Dr tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. See, he had a birthmark removed from his back last week on Tuesday. I won't go into detail, but let me just say OUCH! It was a bit more invasive than I was anticipating. They basically cut a golf ball size hole in his back, through all three layers of skin, down to the muscle. Then they did two layers of stitches. YIKES!

He was told not to lift anything heavy or do any roughhousing for two weeks. Sure, no problem. Sounds reasonable. Um, see, the thing is...Bob is a pretty tough kid. He is also not a complainer. So when it came time to help his uncle move on Saturday, I sort of forgot that Bob should not be lifting heavy things. And he mentioned nothing about the giant healing hole in his back. He just went along and lifted refrigerator and couches and a washer and a dryer and whatnot without a word.

Then that night he asked me to put the ointment on it and cover it for him. Suddenly I remembered. I looked at his wound and some of the stitches have come out. The wound is not open and it really looks like it is healing nicely, but I am pretty sure the stitches were supposed to still be in there. Oops.

So now I get to go back to the dr and tell him that Bob was lifting refrigerators a mere 4 days after the surgery. Oh, joy.

Perhaps if I bring him a plate of cookies and stuff dipped in chocolate, he won't report me to CPS.


Ronette said...

Ummmm...are those chocolate covered *strawberries* I see? ;-) Your plates look very tasty! Well, not the actual plates but what lies on top.

Hope Bob's back heals quickly and completely!

Merry Christmas!!

Lynn said...

Oh, your poor son. His back issue sounds painful. I hope he's healing up nicely.

Your chocolate-dipped goodies look SOOO good! I'll bet the neighbors loved them. :)