Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holy Where-Did-the-Time-Go Batman?!?!

Christmas is on Thursday! Did you hear me? CHRISTMAS IS ON THRUSDAY!!!!


I have 5 kazillion things to do. I have not wrapped one single gift!

Um, if the blog goes eerily quiet for a few days, it is okay. I am just scrambling to get it all done before Christmas.

And I have to go to the store...and make the potatoes...and buy a few more gifts...and...and...and...

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Sandy said...

I have hardly even started shopping. My husband says we can go on Tuesday. Tuesday! I wonder what will be left in the stores by then. Also, he has decided to install new flooring in my son's You know, four days before the biggest holiday of the year. Sigh. Mommy wants a spa trip and ear plugs for Christmas.