Sunday, December 7, 2008


Some of us here on the Hilltop are home from Church today. Sir D is on call this week and he has not been sleeping much so I let him sleep in. Seems every time we go to church when he is on call, which is only really once every 6 weeks, he gets paged in the middle of Church and has to spend the rest of the morning working in the car. Seems just easier to stay home.

I was planning on taking the girls to Sunday School at least, but my hands and fingers are killing me today so I wimped out. (consequently, that is why this will be a short post, because typing with throbbing fingers is a bit tricky).

This afternoon after the boys get home from church we're going to attempt a family photo for our Christmas cards.

Oh, boy.

I'll show you the results; the good the bad and the ugly. (I suspect there will be a lot of those last two.

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