Monday, December 29, 2008


I totally scored today! (Not THAT kind of score, what are you 14? Oh, no one thought that but me? Never mind.)

I went to Jo Ann's Fabrics today. I wasn't going to, but well the girls used up all of my scrap fabric, and they were having a big sale and well, I was right there nearby, and somehow I found myself inside.

This is what I scored for $40! Can you believe it? Everything is on sale (okay maybe not everything, but a lot of good stuff).

I got 2 yards of all of those fabrics, enough pink and brown yarn for a cute hat and scarf, some new white thread (the good kind only, because my aunt who gave me my machine said she'd kill me if I used cheap thread on it and even though she lives some 300 miles away from me, I am quite certain she'd instinctively know if I tried to slip some Walmart thread into The Bernina.) and two baby quilt kits that were originally $20 and I got them for $4! Did you hear that! $4!!!!

Now, If I could just get my hands to stop hurting so I could sew or crochet something...

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Kim Layton said...

I love to get a good deal! The coupons for Joann's are awesome!