Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking Back (and laughing).

I got this idea from Sandy at Falling Like Rain and thought it was a good one.

Some of my favorite posts from 08.

In January I got a little philosophical.

In February I celebrated an anniversary and joined a 12 step program, sort of.

In March we went on Spring Break to the beach. It was such a crazy trip that it required not one, not two, not even three, but 4 posts to tell the whole sad tale.

In April I tried to cry Uncle but they wouldn’t let me.

In May I went on a road trip with my sister and saw things that can only be seen in Texas and wrote a letter to my future daughter in laws.

In June I experienced a strange range of emotions and took issue with Wal-Mart.

In July I met some of Sir D’s new employees and made an impression I’m sure, and celebrated my birthday.

In August the Teenager had some trouble with his car and the other Teenager had the entire youth group laughing.

In September Sir D began to see clearly and I read some books.

In October I found another reason to worry about The Other Teenager, and spent a little time in the ER.

In November I watched some soccer and made some stuff.

In December Ann made a video and we dipped some stuff in chocolate.

Overall, a pretty darn good year here on the Hilltop.

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Sandy said...

That was so much fun! I'm glad to say that I think I read most of them the first time. I couldn't pick a favorite, mabye the anniversary one.