Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This Years Christmas Photo Attempt: 2nd Try

Pose 1

An attempt at a couple photo. Sir D would not quit cracking jokes!

This one's not bad.

Pose 2

Eve looks thrilled to be taking part in the 'Family Photo' eh?

This one's pretty good of the kids. Though I do wish The Teenager would get rid of the pointy hair cut.

Pose 3

This is a nice photo of everyone but Sir D. Sir D was not very comfortable there on his tummy.

Bob! Look at the camera, not your dad cracking jokes!

Eyes open Tricia! That sun was at a really unfortunate spot on Sir D's head. Also, did you notice the toes in the bottom left hand corner of the picture? Those would belong to the teenage neighbor boy who was bribed into taking our photos so kindly took our photos .

We didn't use any of these in the card. Tomorrow I'll show you the winners. Though that's not saying much. My family is apparently not very photogenic.


Jennifer Unsell said...

Isn't picture taking for Christmas cards fun! LOL! These were really fun to see Tricia! Your husband looks so much like a friend of ours in Arizona by the way.

Can't wait to see the ones that you chose.

Halfmoon Girl said...

LOL. The one of your husband on his tummy cracked me up. These were funny. It is hard to get a good shot with that many people, isn't it?