Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fairmont Fairies

I spent the weekend at a hotel with my aunt. The Fairmont Hotel in Downtown Dallas to be exact. We spent Friday night chatting and watching an extremely overpriced movie. We could have gone to the movie for the price we paid for that movie, but probably not in our pj’s so I guess it was okay.

On Saturday, my sister and her daughter (my niece), my other aunt and her daughter (my cousin), and the little guy in my cousin’s tummy all came to the hotel to hang out with us. I hesitate to mention the little guy in my cousin’s tummy because he did not contribute much to the conversation, but we were all happy to have him there none the less, even though it was a girls day. But I digress.

Once we all were together we hiked the block to the Museum with the Tut exhibit. The Tut exhibit was what you would expect. It was cool. It was old. It was crowded. There was culture. There was history. I loved it.

But here is the amazing thing. This is the thing that left me speechless and awed.

When we came back to the hotel…some sort of cleaning fairy had swept in and restored everything to order. The coffee had been replenished. The wet, dirty towels had miraculously been replaced with fresh folded ones. The beds had been made, the pillows had been fluffed, and the floors had been vacuumed.

It was like magic.

I checked online because I know The Fairmont sells many of their items. For instance, their body soap and shampoo were fabulous and I was tempted to buy some, but I did not. I was put off by the $100 a bottle price tag. Know what I would have paid $100 for? One of those Fairmont Cleaning Fairies.

Anyone know where I can get one? They didn’t sell them online.

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