Friday, January 23, 2009

I like the night life...I love to boogie...

Sir D and I had been planning a night on the town tonight. We were going to go out to eat with a gift certificate (excuse me, gift card, sorry I stumbled back to the early 90's for a minute) we got for Christmas, then really just go all wild and do some Wal Mart shopping.

But then, well, Bob reminded us of a Youth Group event that takes place tonight, and Will reminded me that he was asked to help out at said Jr High Youth event, and we'd have to leave the girls here alone. Then Sir D called to tell me he'd be home late, but we'd still go out he promised.

I could tell his heart wasn't in it. He's tired. I'm tired. I don't like leaving the girls alone for long, even though g-ma is right across the road.

So we're staying home. Sir D's going to pick up some Take Out. I'm going to open a nice bottle of wine (and by nice I mean cheap) and we're going to watch whatever movie the kids requested from Netflix. I think Ironman.

Hi. My name is Tricia and I'm an Old Married Person. (and I love it!)


Tonya said...

I actually prefer dates at home! No crowds, no money for babysitters, etc. Enjoy your evening!

Snow White said...

I love your blog and sense of humor. The pics are great too. I am going to have to learn how to do cool things like that! Very impressed. So loved running into you. Wanted to pass on the I have 2 favorite chick lit series that I love in case you havent read them. Savannah Comes undone, Savannah from Savannah, Savannah by the Sea by Denise Hildereth - there are 3 and I may not have typed them in the right order. I so laughed and cried!!! The other is the Josie Series by Susan May Warren and there are 3 as well. I loved them and ended up reading Ephesians a lot during my time reading them. I loved The Cubicle next door by Siri Mitchell. I just finished the new Jan Karron book and loved it. I need to finish The shack. I got half way through and didn't know what I thought of it. So here a year later I guess I need to finish it.
Sorry so long - had a burst of typing.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I so hear you on this! I always thought people like us were lame when I was younger, but I never realized that one actually LIKES being this way when one finally reaches the "old person" stage!