Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some things I take very seriously.

Last night Sir D and I had to make a run. We had an addiction to feed. For some this might mean making a trip to the corner store for cigarettes and for others it might mean heading on down to the beer store for a 6 pack.

Not for Sir D and I. We occasionally give in to our cravings and head on down to the Tom Thumb for Häagen-Dazs.

For me the choice is easy. I get this…

Every. Time.

I used to only get Chocolate Chocolate Chip. But no longer. My former love has been replaced by Chocolate Peanut Butter. I thought I would always be faithful to Chocolate Chocolate Chip, but the grass was so much greener on the Chocolate Peanut Butter side. I have strayed and I’ve never gone back. And I am unrepentant in my new ice cream allegiance.

You see I take my Häagen-Dazs allegiances very seriously. Not so with Sir D. He has no allegiance. He simply walks into the store, looks around, and then chooses whatever flavor or brand strikes his fancy at the time. Shockingly cavalier attitude, I know.

While Sir D was reading the contents of every container of ice cream in the freezer section I noticed something new, something odd in the freezer section. Something that was not there before.

Doggie Ice cream.

I do not jest.

I took a photo because I was afraid you would not believe me.

Doggie Ice cream. Really.


Sandy said...

How did you know it was safe to eat the peanut butter? I have a pack of cookies here I won't let the kids eat because they have peanut butter cups in them. The maker has nothing on their website, pretending that they don't know anything about tainted peanut butter products.

Tricia said...

Hey Sandy,

I checked their website and it said their PB is okay. I love the ice cream so much, I am willing to risk it! :o)

Tonya said...

I too have seen the doggie ice cream. I have to say I was shocked, do people really buy there dogs ice cream treats???

Hannah said...

The HD peanut butter chocolate sounds good, but don't forsake the other ancient greats such as coffee and pistachio!

And ice cream for my dogs? My dogs are lucky to get dog treats made for my dogs. Ice cream was meant for people.