Thursday, January 1, 2009

In a Word...

Instead of making a resolution this year, I am choosing a word. A word to hopefully define the growth I want to see in ’09.

We spent the evening last night at Bent's house with Dan's family also in attendance. Just think lots of cousins running amuck and lots of loud laughter and fun. And gun cleaning and card playing, because we live in Texas and that’s what we do.

So after the clock hit 10pm we announced our resolutions. We did this at 10 because we were ringing in the New Year with Nova Scotia, because we were all tired and wanted to go to bed and Nova Scotia rings in the New Year before anyone else on this continent. The little kids didn’t really care, or get it, and it just perpetuated the idea to the teenagers how dorky we adults are.

There were many good ones. Dave suggested he wanted to figure out how to earn more and work less. (I’m for that one), Dan, said he resolved to run a race this year. (Ambitious words from a man still on a crutch) Rachel said she wanted to drink more water, someone else said they would like to spend less, Bryce suggested he will resolve to become a mature adult (the adult part is unavoidable being that he will turn 18 in Aug, the mature part I guess is questionable).

Gunnar resolved to read the bible more, Evelyn said she will try to be a better sister, Annika said she will endeavor to keep her room cleaner…and it went on similarly, around the family.

Know what I said? Nothing. I didn’t want to tell everyone my word for ’09. Somehow after all those lofty things I felt silly saying it.

So on the way home I mentioned to Dave that I didn’t want to tell everyone, but in ’09 I resolve to be more courageous.

I believe he laughed. Loudly.

I have a long way to go.

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