Monday, January 5, 2009

It's not the Bahamas, but it'll do.

I know you have all probably seen this already. It has been viewed by a gazillion people, but I put it here anyway.

I had not seen it before and Bob sent it to me. I laughed my head off. Seriously. I have watched it three times and I laugh hysterically every time.

I really needed a good laugh today!


Halfmoon Girl said...

Will pray that surgery goes well. That is such a funny video- I saw it a long time ago, but got lots of enjoyment out if it again. When it hits the 80's, early 90's, I laugh and grimace in remembrance!

Melanie said...

Has your knight in shining armor noticed that though you obediently covered up his face on your left column, his face is even bigger on your top banner? :-)

Tricia said...

Um, no Melanie, he has not noticed though the dichotomy is obvious to everyone else. He does not get on my blog.

I realized that his smiling face will be there for all to see, which he does not like, after I put it there.

It was so very much work to get the photo the right size (and I really like it!) that I cant' bring myself to take it off! UGH.

I have one of just the kids in a pose like that and when I get a minute, I'll take the one of the family off and put the one of just the kids on there.

Michelle said...

I loved this!!! It was scary how many of the songs I remember though! LOL