Friday, June 22, 2007

Broken Jaw?!?!?!?!?

Well, I did manage to swallow my parenting pride and call the orthodontist and confess that my 16 year old son was indeed riding a motorcycle, and wrecked...and is now a swollen mess.

I called but no answer. Then I called my answer. I forgot that those who deal in teeth and jaws do not work on Fridays.

So I had to call my pediatrician and confess my poor parenting. The nurse said that this is the kind of thing they are referring to when they say "if you have an emergency please call...." and I needed to call. So I called.

I spoke with the ortho's wife and she gave me his cell. She was a lovely lady and not at all grumpy with me for interrupting her day. (nor did she chide me for being a bad parent)

The ortho is out of town, but can meet me at his other office about 45 min from my house, around 4:30 this afternoon. He said yes, it did need to be x-rayd today, not Monday, and with all that swelling, he quite possible has broken his jaw.

OH, MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! I'm usually pretty good at coming up with the worst case senerio, I can really be a glass half empty, Eoyre kinda girl, and even I did not think about a BROKEN JAW!!!

I'll let you know...


Halfmoon Girl said...

OUCH! That is not bad parenting. The things that my siblings and I used to do makes me grimace now when I think about it, but it was so much fun!

nsremom said...

you are NOT a bad parent. you're the cool mom in my book today. :) (and I'm sure my 11yo boys book as well)

My son does all those boy things and his new thing is waterskiing. I'm sure a broken leg is in his future, but ya know....they're filled with some mighty testosterone.

It MAKES them try dangerous things. (or things we women think is riding a motorbike)

Sure hope his smile is intact.