Monday, June 4, 2007

Here We Go...Again!

Okay, we made it through our first day of Dyslexia Lab School at Scottish Rite Hospital; downtown Dallas.

I have a friend whose son is also going to the program and we were able to set up a carpool. So at least I only have to drive 2 mornings a week.

A was quite happy to go, and was up and dressed before the sun was up. I was not so happy to see this hour of morning. I really don’t like 6am. 6am and I are not on speaking terms. 6am is a retched, retched time to have to get up.

I think this is going to be a good thing, despite its unfortunate start time. It will be good for A and I’m sure for me too. Apparently, God thinks I need to grow more. So here we go for another 2 years and a summer.

I took a deep breath and jumped in. I can do this…again. I can. God will give me strength.

At least this time I have a REALLY BIG car. I can put those two VERY AWAKE children in the far back seat where I can barley hear their chatter over my Miranda Lambert WAKE UP, GIRL! music, and can concentrate on my coffee and driving.

And speaking of driving, what is with those people that get in the HOV lane and dive 50MPH? 50 people! It is a 65mph zone. I can understand if you feel you must drive 65 even though everyone knows it is an unwritten rule that the HOV lane is for SPEEDING! I’ll not grouse if someone thinks they must obey the speed limit exactly (legalism anyone?) But 15mph UNDER? Really? Must I deal with this while I am trying to get down my first cup of coffee of the day? It is just more than a girl should have to deal with. But, like I said, I am growing and stretching as a person…again. Growing and stretching hurt at 6am!

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Jenny in Ca said...

oh, I'm so glad you found someone to carpool with, yeah!! I'm sure that must make such a difference to the whole setup now.

great news!