Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tell me I didn't just say that!

I think the purpose of this blog has become broadcasting through the entire world wide web how big of an idiot I really am.

Here is another installment of Tricia Is A Dork

They were having a bake and gift sale at Scottish Rite today, so while A was in class E and I went down to the sale. They have some great stuff because of all their retiree volunteers. I mean! The things these ladies can do with a crochet hook or knitting needles! I obviously still have a lot to learn. But back to the point, my public embarrassment.

The sale is set up with all these tables in the main lobby and it can be a little tight. Scottish Rite specializes in Orthopedic children’s issues, as well as the Dyslexia Lab, so there are many, many people and children in wheel chairs and various walkers/crutches.

Well E and I were passing one of the volunteers who happen to be an elderly lady in a wheelchair. It was the automatic kind. I knew Evelyn was looking at the tables and not where she was going and would run into this lovely lady if not warned. So I kindly, and in a quiet voice, said “Watch where you are going, Honey”.

This lovely lady then said to me in a sweet little voice. “Oh don’t you worry about me, I’ve been driving this thing around for years”.

What a nice little lady; I smiled at her and I think I said something to her about the plethora of baked goods or something equally mundane; then Evelyn and I walked on.

Truly, I did not realize until a good 5 minutes later that that sweet lady in the Wheelchair thought I was telling HER to watch where she was going!!!! I am so slow that it took a good 5 min for my brain to catch up. It was a surreal moment as the scene played itself over in my head and I realized what had happened. I wanted the ground to open up and suck me in! I frantically looked around to see if I could find that lady and apologize, but she was long gone. Just as well actually, because my apology, (AFTER 5 LONG MINUTES) would have probably been incoherent, and if possible, more insulting!


People, they should not let me out of the house!


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Oh yeah, I've done that too. At the aquarium once. My son was trying to get a better view by climbing over a railing and I told him to get down. He got down, and so did another kid and a grown man! I guess the man thought it was his wife telling him to get down! Yikes! She asked if I could come home with them to ask him to do stuff around the house too. Apparently it was the first time he did anything someone told him to!

nsremom said...

That is SOOOO hilarious. I wonder what that little old gal was thinking. Lol. I'm sorry but that post was just to funny!

Halfmoon Girl said...

That was funny, and so was Kathleen's comment! I do stuff like that all the time!

Nikki said...

I have done this too, how embarassing! Granted, not to a sweet li'l ol' lady in a wheelchair though!